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Farnborough is of course a very big place to drive around and there are lots of places you need to know. While we teach you, we also will show you these places so when you do your Knowledge Test with Rushmoor Council or what ever area's council you want to workin, you will be better aware for this test administered by your licensing authority.


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As a Fully Licensed Hackney Driver, whether you drive a White Plate or Private Hire. You can choose when you start and when you have a break, and of course when you Finish. Hours that suit your wants and needs. so you can earn what you want too as you are in control of your working week.


Your main Tutor for this course will be Mr William G Martin, ADI (ret), know to most as Bill. Bill was a Driving Instructor for 57 years until he retired from teaching learner drivers to start giving his knowledge of driving to professional drivers, like you wish to be.

Bill has taught many people over the years to obtain their Full Licenses. We estimate in excess of 5,300 drivers on the roads today owe their experience to Bill, teaching them the right way to drive. Over these many years he has taught some celebrities to drive too Sharon Davis, The twins Matt and Luke Goss, of Bros fame and the golfer Justin Rose. 

He has over his years of driving held most driving licenses from car, motorbike HGV and PCV. There aren't many drivers who can say they are truly an all round top Driver, but Bill can. 

Teaching in Farnborough for the last 30 years he has a great knowledge of the roads and the places that you will need to know, he will be able to tell you, show you and show you the shortest route to take to these places. A must to know as a local Taxi Driver.

He is willing to talk to you if you need advice, and if he doesn't know the answer for the area or for how you should drive to give your passengers a safe comfortable drive, then we think you will be hard pushed to find anyone who could answer your questions.

So if you want to be a Taxi Driver, just give us a call or email us.

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As a fully licensed Taxi Driver you will never know what the next job could bring you. You may go to an Airport, or Docks or you may even take customers anywhere in Europe. Its a Job that you can see the country, have fun with your customers and of course get paid for your service. Many drivers of Taxi's have good stories of journey's some even with Celebrities.

A career with a difference that is different every day.


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